A new way of integrating electronics in robotic applications

Innervate makes your mechanical products smarter, more compact and move faster by rethinking the electronic integration.

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What We Do

How can you benefit from integrating electronics better into your mechanical products? Cost saving, footprint reduction, sensor integration, unrestricted motion, … Your inspiration starts here.

Make your mechanical components smart

Just as the integration of nerves into your skin, we can integrate sensing elements in your products to make them smart. Herefore we rely on stretchable electronics.

Reduce your system footprint

We replace traditional cable chains by ultra bendable / stretchable cables. Applicable for power & signal transmission.

Extend your movement range and reduce friction

By integrating electronics into the frame, the motion range can be extended and the friction can be reduced. In addition, the cabling assembly time can be reduced.

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How We Work

Working with Innervate is lean and efficient.
Want to go stepwise? We’ve got you covered.
…How about an end-to-end solution? Sure thing!


Ideate & Demonstrate

We first analyse your wiring challenges and translate these into different product ideas. Then we perform a feasibility study and create a proof-of-concept.


Develop & Test

We engineer different prototypes and perform functional and environmental tests. Once the final design is determined, we start the certification process.



Together with our production partners, we supply you with the engineered products.

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Let us fill you in on all the new opportunities for blending electronics seamlessly with motion

What are stretchable electronics and how does it work?
Why is stretchable electronics used in robotic applications?
How do stretchable wires compare to copper wires?
Can you send significant currents and digital signals through the stretchable wires?
Robotic arm with flexible sensory electronics

Find all answers in our whitepaper about stretchable electronics in moving applications

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Meet the leadership team

Who we are and what we do.

Steven Nagels

PhD Stretchable Electronics

Jorik Van den Bosch

Innovation Specialist

Innervate weaves electronics into your products in order to make them more smart and compact

Our team of engineers takes you through this development process with extended ideation, engineering, prototyping, and testing. We start from your intended added value for your customer and translate this into a manufacturable design.

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